.Storm Glazing

Devon Art Glass

Protecting Stained Glass

Storm glazing is essential for the long life of stained glass windows. Installed properly it becomes a secondary barrier to the notoriously wild elements and Irish weather.


In respsonse to this problem, we have developed a revolutionary new system which can be fitted in the harshest and most exposed of sites.

Ventillation & Cleaning

The damaging problems of heat retention associated with conventional storm glazing are eliminated through the presence of air circulation vents, reducing stresses on the leaded lights.


The unsightly build up of dirt and other materials between the stained glass and the storm glass can also be regularly cleaned with great ease keeping your valuable windows crytal clear.

Transparent Resilience

The materials we use are 316 grade stainless steel. This material is anti-corrosive therefore is not affected by the presence of salt in the air, it will not rust or tarnish.


Our glass is 4-6mm clear toughened safety which is five times stronger than standard float glass. This is all held together with 25 year UV resistant polycarbonate & kept in place with stainless steel fixings.


The Devon Art Glass team have put a lot of time into developing this system and we believe it is the most advanced storm glazing available to protect your beautiful leaded windows while also helping to insulate the building.


Our new Storm Glazing system has been installed and tested in some of the most exposed sites in Munster, and has shown itself suitably able to resist the savage winds and driving precipitation of Ireland’s recent stormy decade.

Talk to us...

At Devon Art Glass we provide a careful and nationally respected serivce, experienced installers of fresh Storm Glazing to new sites as well as removing failing older installations and upgrading to our long life Storm system.


We encourage anyone entrusted with the care of ecclesiastical buildings featuring stained glass pieces to pick up the phone and talk to Jamie about your particular needs, we’re always happy to talk your ideas through or arrange a preliminary site survey, whichever you prefer.