Devon Art Glass

Stained Glass

There are a number of reasons why stained glass windows break, crack and buckle. Strong winds and intense sun cause the most damage to this rather fragile glass. As time passes the slow but constant sagging of the window will put extra pressure on the glass below it causing it to break.


Prolonged exposure to strong winds will cause the windows to lose their shape. They can either dome inwards or outwards giving the appearance that they are about to fall out.

Stage 1

We extract these windows with great care and take them to our workshop where the process of repairing begins.


Onsite a temporary glass or plywood blank is used to keep the building weatherproof.

Stage 2

The extracted windows are documented by photography, and a lead trace is carefully created. After this is done the process of dismantling begins.


Once all the pieces of glass are laid out, the broken pieces are replaced and any repainting is carried out if need be.

Stage 3

The windows are then assembled with new lead which tightens the structural integrity of the whole piece, making it stronger again ready for another century of enjoyment.

Stage 4

This the final stage before refitting will see semi-opaque layers of atmospheric pollution and grime cleaned from the glass, followed by careful polishing to restore the original deeply intense colours of the windows.


We have been involved in numerous restoration projects throughout Munster, the most recent being the restoration of a number of Watson windows dated circa 1916 in the East Limerick parish of Murroe.